With Brisbane experiencing its worst natural disaster in 37 years and many premier residential riverside communities suffering severe flooding, Quartz Apartments at Bulimba remained unaffected by the surging waters

Despite the devastating conditions during the first weeks of January, the basements at Quartz were completely dry and the buildings remained fully waterproof. Water did not rise anywhere within...

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More than 85% sold, Quartz Apartments offer not just a quality product, but also an unrivalled riverfront lifestyle opportunity.

Along with Brisbane CityCat services having re-commenced on Monday 14th of February, residents can enjoy living just 5 minutes from Oxford Street's superb village offering. Unlike any other Brisbane suburb, Bulimba combines all essential amenities within walking distance. Why would you want to live anywhere else?
For existing buyers it's time to begin finalising finance, with completion expected April 2011.

Potential investors have a limited opportunity to purchase remaining apartments at Quartz and are invited to view the furnished display apartment from the end of February. Please stay tuned for more information...

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Despite the challenging weather conditions, progress has continued and much of Quartz Apartments unique design has taken shape.

Building B's external finishes are 90% complete. Its structure is finished, roof on and internal finishes are proceeding. Overall apartments are 70% completed internally. Cabinetry, appliances and carpet will be fitted in the display apartment over the coming weeks...

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